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If you would like more information about a field, please feel free to contact us.

At Gotcha we offer 5 playing fields. The 5 games you play will be on at least 4 of these fields.

Which battlezone will you choose? Get to know them better by clicking on the links below.

In this semi urban field, you hope to start at the top as you have the higher ground which gives you a slight advantage over your opponents that are busy attacking you in your bunker.
Size: 100m x 100m

A modern-day Vietnam consisting of a network of trenches throughout the field connecting you to different vantage points and bunkers consisting of tyres.
Size: 150m x 150m

This urban CQB course is the perfect field to get your own payback at all those who shot you. You will need some quick feet to navigate through the tight paths and maze of walls and tyres.
Size: 70m x 70m

A strategic mind is needed as the bridge is the only clear path to cross the river and get to the opposing tower, but you can make your own way using the barrels and tyres as cover on your way.
Size: 100m x 200m